Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Resurrecting the Sodomizer!!

Rotten Funeral Live @ Burnt Ramen - January 8th, 2011 -
Three tracks. Raw, Hateful, Noisy SATAN WORSHIP.
(Click link below to download)
Resurrecting the Sodomizer

These songs have been used by the band as a live TAPE release.
To be officially released early Feb. 2011 through RF's drummer;
Kuntslaughter's label: Christian Annihilation Productions.

These tapes are limited to 50 copies handmade by my own hands (Nekrotiis)
Since not everyone will have a chance to snag our tapes during our live rituals,
or know who or how to contact us. I am making it available for you assholes
who have no other means of hearing our garbage. HAIL SATAN!

If you want to obtain a physical copy, feel free to email us regarding so.

Official contact:
                         Rotten Funeral @ Facebook
                         Rotten Funeral @ Myspace
                         Rotten Funeral @ LastFM


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