Thursday, September 1, 2011


So the recording process for our upcoming album has begun.
It is called "Martyrs of Terrorism"
- Satanic, Hateful, Misanthropic, Negative. The way black metal should be.
Since the album will not be finished or even released for quite some time, we are
making a S.B.M.P (SatanicBlackMetalPromo) which will be available at all our
upcoming shows until the album is ready.
The promo will include 3 tracks that will be on the album,
1 of which will also appear on our split 7" w/ Minenwerfer
Promo track list goes as follows. 
i. Sodomizer... of Black Holes
ii. Perverts ov Old
iii. Mocking The Innocent

Here is a short sample of those three tracks. This is what has been recorded so far.
Bass and Vocals will be added Sept. 8th - completing our promo
After that date feel free to contact us about getting a copy.
Contact Nekrotiis at:

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