Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final shows for the year + new t-shirts

We have several upcoming shows, they will be our last for 2012.

Oct. 26th in Sacramento w/ Valdur and Chronaexus

Oct. 27th in West Sacramento w/ Killgasm and Minenwefer

Nov. 4th in San Francisco w/ Deiphago and Ritual Combat

After these shows we will be taking a break from shows for a while in order to finish
our upcoming full length "Head of the Infidel, Head of Blasphemy". Drums have already
been recorded, so it shouldn't be much longer. 

New t-shirts will be available at these upcoming shows for $10.

Further information on the album will be unleashed as things fall into place. 
Until then, Hail Satanas! Ave Lucifer! 666

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