Monday, February 28, 2011

Excuse the sick fuck...

So our performance in Los Angeles was canceled moments before we hit the stage. In fact it was during our other band KILLGASM's last song that the venue was swarmed by the L.A. Sheriff's department. 25 or so cop cars, tons of cops evacuating everyone, even a helicopter flying in circles over the venue (and getting flipped off by us). Why all this? "Supposedly" someone had a head injury and almost, no, did die. Regardless of whatever "reason" you might of heard, we would like to clear things up and let everyone know why this happened. Our 2nd guitarist SODOMIZER was unable to obtain a ski mask in order to hide his identity. Without it the police, not matter in what city he is in, manages to find him due to the disgusting, perverted, not to mention BLASPHEMOUS charges he has against him. Excuse the sick fuck...  We return to L.A. in June, hopefully by then we are able to find a ski mask to hide Sod from any and every law enforcement we may encounter. Hail Satan.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rotten Funeral Live Ritual in Los Angeles 2/26/11

We begin this year off to a good start. Come out to this excellent BLACK.DEATH.FEST. 666
Our other band KILLGASM has also been added to this lineup.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rotten Funeral Merch

We accept money order, paypal, or well hidden cash (USD only) 
Pay-pal address: 
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Merch list:
2/25/11 - Rotten Funeral "Resurrecting the Sodomizer" Live Tape 
Live @ Burnt Ramen - Richmond, Ca - Jan. 8th, 2011
- $4 - (Available)
- Download this release for FREE - Download Here

 2/15/11 - Rotten Funeral patches are now available directly from us
- $2/shipping included - (Available) -

 3/13/10 - Rehearsal Demo 2010 CD available for sale/trade/etc.
- $3/shipping included - (ONLY 3 COPIES LEFT) - Possibly re-release on tape 2011?
- Download this release for FREE - Download Here
- Check out a review of this release - Review Here

- No longer available -

200666 - "Wandering the Night" Demo (CD-R demo done w/ drum machine - 25 copies)
2005 - Rotten Funeral shirt w/ older Logo on front. (Only fifteen or so made) 
2005 - "RottenFuneralRites" Demo (CD-R limited to 100 handmade copies)
Material made prior to this has been long lost, ignored and/or forgotten about.