Friday, October 21, 2011

Review for S.B.M.P.

Here is a review that I found online for our S.B.M.P. Demo.
The original review is in Italian so ill post the English translated version.
Rotten Funeral - S.B.M.P. Review Link

Friday, October 21, 2011 08:14
Rotten Funeral - SBMP (Demo, 2011)
New release for Rotten Funeral American combo, loyal to the underground once again, opting for self-production. A three-track demo entitled  Satanic Black Metal Promo (SBMP: fact) title that leaves no doubt as to what are the inclinations of the group. The demo is a preview of the new album out soon Martyrs of Terrorism. The combo nell'oramai formed back in 1999 but since 2002 it becomes active in all respects with the release of the first single Blod Hate Burn. Follow in the years 2005 and 2006 two demos ("RottenFuneralRites" and "Wandering the Night") and in 2007 it was the turn of the single "Inexpressible Horror" followed in 2010 by demo "Demo 2010 Rehearsal." In 2011 it was the turn of the live tape "Resurrecting the Sodomizer" followed by the demo / promo. This line-up of training: MT - bass; Emperor Kuntslaughter - drums; Corruptor of Ways / Sodomizer - guitars; Nekrotiis - vocals, guitars. The musical style of the combo is very clear: pure black metal with old school references and themes ranging from darkness to abstract themes through Satanism. "Sodomizer of Black Holes" composition that opens with a relentless riffing and classic of the genre, consisting of a solid rhythmic base and after a few seconds came the scream vocals. Composition interesting that, in midstream, has many variations-style composition that enhance the work in the best way. The lion's share in the good Nekrotiis scream vocals. "Perverts of Old" track in less than two minutes draws out all the anger of the American combo. Fast, tight, rough and decadent, these adjectives describe the track to perfection. Even the vocals in this song is absolute protagonist, with a good test of Nekrotiis. "Mocking the Innocent," the listener has yet to recover from the previous blow, which immediately brought down by yet another dark ride. Third and final track of the lot, is immediately and directly as a song pulled, crystalline production makes the rest of the atmosphere by combining the performance of the American combo. Excellent numerous changes of tempo and rhythm proposed by the American group during the trace.
Good anticipation of what will be the new album.
I look forward to the new work, at least judging by this demo, it will be great.
Review by: Darkthrone85
Overall: 7 / 10
1. Sodomizer of Black Holes
2. Of Old Perverts
3. Mocking the Innocent

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We have new shirts available which feature our 2nd logo By Christophe Szpajdel on the front.
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