Monday, April 23, 2012


Here is the part of the review which covers Rotten Funeral as well as our other band Killgasm.

"Rotten Funeral, a straightforward, corpsepaint-adorned black metal act descended from Darkthrone and/ or Burzum with a pleasing blend of droning riffs, a steady cadence, and harsh rasps were the best of the early bands. Although sort of typical, Rotten Funeral were easily at their best when rolling along with a simple pacing. Surprisingly, Rotten Funeral were also able to provide a sense of atmosphere in a very sterile environment with an attempt at stage dressing.

Everyone’s favorite Satanic grindcore act Killgasm were next and, although I’d never really listen to recordings from the band, their delivery is infectious with all out blasts, screeches, and more than a hint of tongue in cheek humor. The drummer has his shtick down pat, as I’ve witnessed his brand of humor before when Killgasm appeared on a bill with Dodsferd last year."

The rest of the review can be viewed here ----> BLOOD PACT WITH THE DEVIL SHOW REVIEW

Thanks to everyone who came out. Despite getting into a car accident, and a storm, we still made it. All the bands were great and looking forward to the next time we invade Los Angeles.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ritual at Dude's Garage

Video of our Ritual at Dude's Garage.
March 30, 2012 - Guest Vocals by Necro Omen
Rotten Funeral "Head of the Infidels - Head of Blasphemy"